Questions and Answers


Where do I send my device for service?
  • If you need to send the equipment to us for service, send it to our store address:

Flajzar s.r.o. – Svatoplukova 1199, 698 01 Veselí nad Moravou 

  • It is very important to add a cover letter to the package describing the problem and a return contact, preferably with a phone number as well
  • If the equipment is under warranty, please enclose a copy of the sales receipt with the cover letter


Can TBI, SBI, NBI and Ultracarp indicators be repaired?

Yes, we also service older model series indicators

How long do the batteries in the indicators last?

In general, we recommend replacing the batteries in the indicators once a year after the season

If you know that you will not need the indicators for a long time, we recommend storing them without batteries

How long does the battery last in the wireless receiver?

If it is switched on, the receiver must still receive, and therefore its consumption is higher; for receivers, the operating time on the battery is 7–14 days, after which the battery must be replaced.

Low battery status is visually indicated on the receivers

The ALF alarm sensor has a short detection distance.

The detection distance in a straight direction from the sensor is typically 1–2 m; this distance is standard based on the principle of the general function of the PIR sensor (see the figure).


How do I find the EMA position using BTS?

Simply visit Here, enter the BTS information in the boxes in the following order: MCC-MNC-LAC(HEX)-CID(HEX). (E.g.: 230-03-94AC-3230)

Which SIM card can be used to operate GSM communicators?

GSM communicators can be operated with any SIM card of any operator with any flat rate or prepaid tariff.

The SIM card must have the PIN code prompt deactivated when switching on and the CLIP function must be activated (caller number display) for correct operation of the ringing control

The GSM communicator cannot be put into operation.

We recommend connecting the communicator to a PC and updating the FW via the configuration program; the latest FW version will be downloaded and uploaded to the communicator from the internet

GSM communicators (DIN3, uGate3) have a weak signal or drop out frequently

We recommend using an external GSM antenna, e.g., ANTGSM3

How to switch on EMA, DIN3?

EMA and DIN3 are activated by inserting the SIM card into the slot

How does the EMA charge?

The EMA is charged from the 12V cigarette lighter socket

Can I charge the EMA with a USB cable?

No, EMU cannot be charged with a USB cable

EMA, DIN3 does not respond to ringing

When ringing, it is necessary to hang up the call after the second ring

Check the SIM card in the device; the SIM card must have the CLIP function activated (caller number display)

All LEDs are permanently lit when the SIM card is inserted

Check your mobile phone to make sure that the SIM card has the PIN code prompt deactivated when you switch on the device and test its functionality.

When the SIM card is inserted, no LED is lit or the blue LED stays lit

We recommend charging the battery in the EMA by plugging the alarm into a cigarette lighter socket; EMA is fully charged after about 2 hours.

EMA does not appear in the configuration program on the PC

Start the manual installation of device drivers; it is located in the folder where the configuration program is installed, the Driver folder

Use a different USB cable to connect; it is a standard micro-USB cable

LEDs on EMA go out by themselves

The device can intelligently control the brightness of the indicator LEDs; this function can be deactivated in the advanced settings of the communicator.