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Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: SADA4

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Christmas set includes:

Headlamp HL346P
It is a rechargeable LED headlamp with a powerful battery, the option of choosing from two white and two red light fluxes, the Zoom function (expanding and narrowing the light flux) and also the option of turning on the Sensor by Hand Moving function (touchless control)).
The headlamp has several essential advantages - long battery life, low weight and fast charging. The battery status is indicated by the blue diodes on the front of the headlamp.
The headlamp also has a high-quality strap that guarantees a good hold on your head. Of course, the IP is sufficient for using the headlamp in nature.

The headlamp is intended not only for ordinary lighting, but thanks to the integrated receiver it can be automatically switched on after a shot. Up to eight devices can be stored in the headlamp memory at the same time. The headlamp lights up not only when a fish is caught, based on the signal sent from the catch indicator, but also the alarm signal sent from the FISHTRON ALF3 fishing alarm.

Power supply: built-in Li-pol battery 3.7V/1800 mAh
Charging: using a microUSB cable
Charging time 3.5h
Number of white LEDs: 1
Optical zoom - the ability to narrow or widen the cone of light
Number of red LEDs: 4
Battery status indication: 5 blue LEDs on the front of the headlamp
Luminous flux: up to 260 lm
The headlamp can be paired (used) with FISHTRON NEON TX3, FISHTRON CatFish TX3, FISHTRON Q9-RGB TX, e3TX and FISHTRON ALF3 alarms
Number of memory locations (maximum number of simultaneously learned devices): 8
Range: up to 150 meters
IP 66 - completely dustproof and protection against intense water jets
Weight: 118.2g
Size: 70 x 46 x 52 mm
Operating temperature: -10° to +50°

Using the headlamp:
Power button - by pressing the button within 3 seconds, you can switch between 4 lighting modes

white LED 100% - up to 3 hours of NONSTOP light
2. white LED 50% - output up to 6 hours NONSTOP light
3. red LED 100% - up to 11 hours of NONSTOP light
4. red LED 50% - up to 19 hours of NONSTOP light

The headlamp includes a memory function of the last light mode. If we turn on the headlamp with the ON-OFF button, the headlamp remembers the selected mode after 3 seconds of light, and the next press of the ON-OFF button turns the headlamp off (we do not need to switch the other light modes). However, if we want to switch modes, we repeatedly press the ON-OFF button within 3 seconds.

SENSOR button - when pressed, touchless control mode is activated. By moving your hand within 25 cm of the headlamp, we control the contactless switching on and off of the headlamp.

Storing the transmitter code in the headlamp memory (pairing)

Press the button on the side of the headlamp and hold it for about 5 seconds, until the green LED on the front of the headlamp starts flashing. The headlamp switches to learning mode.
Now transmit with the device you want to pair with the headlamp - press the button on the shot indicator or on the alarm.
The headlamp receiver captures the signal, stores its code in memory and confirms it by flashing the white LED three times. The learning mode is then automatically terminated.
If the device code is already stored in memory, no action will be taken
The new device will not be saved if the memory is full (the green LED on the front of the headlamp flashes quickly, the learning mode ends) or the device with this code is already stored (the green LED on the front of the headlamp goes out for approx. 1 second during learning).

Headlamp control with receiver button
If the receiver is not active (the green LED is not lit), the headlamp cannot be turned on with the side button.
If the receiver is active (green LED lights up), the side button can be used to turn the headlamp on or off.

ATTENTION, if the white LED lights up after a shot from the paired signaling device, the LED can only be turned off with the side button of the receiver.

The FISHTRON NEON TX3B engagement indicator stands out for its perfect processing and state-of-the-art electronics. Of course, there is an integrated remote listening transmitter with a range of up to 150 meters.

Two simple and easy-to-use control elements allow you to set all the necessary parameters of the signalizer, such as volume, sensitivity (length of line unwinding) and pitch.

In the upper part, you will find a multi-functional control button, with which you can not only turn the shot indicator on and off, but what else? It will also light up the white position LEDs. We have deliberately placed them in the back for you, all the way up, so that they also illuminate the hunting spot for you after the shot. And that's not all. As you will find out for yourself, it will serve you well as a beacon, thanks to which you will quickly find your way in the event of loading feed. You will appreciate this advantage especially in poor visibility or at night.

The engagement indicator has an integrated ambient light sensor that ensures intelligent brightness regulation according to lighting conditions. Thanks to this, the LEDs are dimmed at night so as not to dazzle and, on the contrary, increase their brightness during the day.

Also new is the remote listening receiver, which allows you to receive up to six devices. It works not only with FISHTRON NEONTX3, Q9-RGB TX, CATFISH TX3 signalizers, but can also evaluate alarms from ALF3 wireless sensors and connect other selected FLAJZAR accessories. Simple, small, easy to carry