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Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: SADA1

Christmas sets are intended for end customers



Christmas set includes:

is the successor of our previous variants and is unique in its attachment to the tip of the feeder rod. The conical holder of the indicator allows to embrace any diameter of the tip and the clip ensures that you do not have to trim the holder from the tip after each hunt. Improved transmission of the shot and three adjustable sensitivities ensure accurate signaling of the movement of the tip. Two distinctive colors ensure perfect visibility in the dark, the red position diode and the green capture diode in turn provide a perfect indication of capture after dark.

No need to use chemical lights anymore!

Basic functions of the FED4 signaling device
- unique shot detection in three axes
- optical signaling of a fish bite during night fishing
- 3 levels of sensitivity
- power saving mode
- attachment to the tip of the rod using O-rings
- NEW is a unique clip that adapts to every size of the feeder tip, thus ensuring a firm connection when casting
- permanent backlight in red, shot signaled in green

A part of the package:
- Case for Feeder
- 1 rechargeable battery
- 2x O-rings
- Clip

1. Easy charging: mobile phone chargers, car chargers, mobile power banks and computers can charge.
2. This battery and USB are paired to be used together. Do not use this USB to charge other CR425 batteries.
3. Environmental protection, no leakage, high brightness lighting, long discharge time, when the battery is 100% discharged, the duration of one charge is 4-8 hours, even after inserting only 1 battery to charge, the time is the same
4. The battery can be charged over 100 cycles
5. Please note that the battery capacity is 15mAh
6. Saves energy and is environmentally friendly

Material: High strength plastic
Size: L 5cm x W 2.4cm
White color


High quality battery life
The highest standards are followed in the production of batteries. Batteries are properly tested to CE safety standards. We specialize in the supply of quality batteries that offer the best price-performance ratio for the offered price.

Voltage: 3V
Type/model: Lithium
Warranty: 2 years