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Wireless LED lamp WRL1 with automatic light More

Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: WRL1

The WRL1 is not only designed as a regular light, but it can also act as a bite alarm and as a receiver for the ALF3 wireless fishing alarm by lighting up . Up to eight devices can be stored in its memory.

- Power supply: 3 LR3 (AAA) batteries (not included)
- Current consumption:
- Lamp off: 0 mA
- Lamp on: 1.6 mA maximum
- all LEDs on: 200 mA
- Number of white LEDs: 3
- The lamp can be paired with the NEON TX3, e3 TX, CATFISH TX3,Q9-RGB TX receiver RX MULTI and  the ALF3 fishing alarms
- Number of memory positions (max. number of deives connected at): 8
- Range up to 150 m