USB charger and 2x batteries CR425 - 3V

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USB charger and CR425 3V battery set More

Product code: CR425 SETNAB EAN: 8594073541000 Shipping and Payment


USB charger paired for use with CR425 batteries.
Please note that the battery capacity is 15mAh

Material: High strength plastic
Size: L 5cm x W 2.4cm
White color


The CR425 lithium battery is designed for the Feeder 4 alarm. It is safe, environmentally friendly and equivalent to 100 non-rechargeable batteries. Charging takes 4-8 hours.
Batteries are properly tested according to CE safety standards.

Voltage: 3V
Type/model: Lithium
Warranty: 2 years

This battery and USB are paired to be used together. Do not use this USB to charge other CR425 batteries.