UPS source 12V 28W (35) with charging

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UPS power supplies are backup power supplies to which 12V batteries can be connected. The UPS supplies power to the equipment from the mains during normal power supply. In the event of a power failure, the power switches and the powered device starts to power from the connected battery. There is an integrated charger inside the UPC power supply, which keeps the battery charged. You can use any battery to power the source ideal are dry cells (NiCD, NiMh atd.) UPC source 12V 28W is provided: thermal protestion, short-circuit protection, overload protection,  battery discharge protection. UPS has 2 output: CH1 a Ch2. CH1 is output for chargering device. CH2 input/output for connection 12V battery which is for backup battery. UPS is for indoor use.


  • Input voltage: 90-265V AC
  • Output voltage: CH1 11,3-14,9V DC
  • Output current CH1 2A
  • Output voltage CH2 13,4V DC
  • Output current CH2 0,5A
  • Power for 12V
  • Output 28W
  • Weight 0,3kg
  • Dimensions: 111x78x36mm