Universal remote control module RTX 868 MHz

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Universal remote control module RTX 868 MHz More

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The RTX module is designed for easy remote control implementation and for transmitting commands and states of the most various devices. The module already includes a complete coding algorithm, transmission safety, decoding and a complete VF part. The customer doesn‘t programme anything.

This is a universal module that can be set to the transmitter or receiver mode with a switch. All you have to do is connect optocouplers or other potential-free switching element to the button inputs. Then the switching relay or the other separating element (optocoupler, etc.) connect directly to the outputs. The module itself will take care of information transfer as well as its safety and resistance to external interference. Up to 20 transmitters can be stored in the receiver´s memory which it then communicates with. Transmitter input status is refelcted in the receiver output.

Technical parameters:
Frequency: 868MHz
Modulation: FSK
VF transmit power: + 12dBm

RTX module in transmitter mode
Power: 3V (pins + 3V0 and GND)
or 5-25V (pins GND and + VCC)
consumption when iddle: 11uA (3V), 1mA (12V)
Transmission consumption: 4 mA (3V)
RTX module in receiver mode
Power: 5-25V (pins GND and + VCC)
active consumption/receipt: 7 to 9 mA (12V)

module dimensions: 49x30mm