UGM1 - GSM communicator

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We expanded our product range with the miniature GSM communication module with type designation UGM1 that comes in the OEM version – that is intended for incorporation into other devices. More

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Any electronics manufacturers now have the opportunity to supplement their instruments and devices with a GSM part simply and quickly.

Of the many examples, we mention using the module in coffee machines or any other vending machines where service information or information on the need for replenishing can be sent. The GSM module UGM1 can be used to remotely control lighting, pumps, garage doors and gates. It may indicate a loss of liquids in tanks, emergency conditions, restart servers or simply monitor objects, areas or buildings using a suitable sensor. And all this simply through a normal mobile phone or communicator.

Communication with the module takes place via both digital inputs and serial line (Rx, Tx). Setting is very simple – just save phone numbers which information is to be sent and which are authorised to communicate with the module. Furthermore, the protocol allows you to edit texts (commands) and to define a number of properties ... all this with the aim of maximising the adjustment to the application. Two setting options: either via serial link or SMS commands.

Communication interface UART (with extension board RS232) can also be used for sending and receiving text messages, directly in ASCII format (terminal service). An SMS gateway can be used for connecting to a PC, PLC or a micro-controller and it can inform you about any situation and you have a constant control over the device.

You can configure up to six phone numbers which information text messages about the device status are sent to; these numbers can control the communicator output by calling. Other users can control the device via text messages which must contain a valid password.

The antenna is connected via an SMA connector. An external antenna can be connected in areas with a poor reception.

A miniature GSM module, particularly in development, can be completed with a EGM1 extension board (see the second photo) which is fitted with connectors, power relay, connector for regular serial cable and a power connector for easy connection of an adapter.The EGM1 expansion board is not included in the UGM1 package.

A summary of the UGM1 module functions and properties:
- 1 digital input for connecting external sensors
- 1 digital output controlled by text message or free calling
- 1 input for temperature sensor Dallas
- possibility to adjust output to thermostat mode (cooling, heating, etc.)
- sends text messages when the set temperature is exceeded or when the input is activated
Module UGM1 specifications:
- supply voltage: 5–12 VDC
- connection: 2.54mm pin header, SMA 90° for GSM antenna (antenna is included)
- maximum power consumption: idle consumption 10 mA maximum/peak 2 A maximum
- operating temperature: -20 to + 55 °C
- range of temperature measuring: -50 to +125 °C
- output: 1 open collector
- communication interface: UART3–5 V
- dimensions: 40x26x14 mm (HxWxD)
Android application FLAJZAR Control
FLAJZAR Control app is designed for owners of the GSM systems by FLAJZAR and replaces typing lengthy SMS commands. It helps users to remotely control or check the device status. Download the app  on Google Play.