uGATE3A - GSM communicator with metal box and OLED display

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New version of the popular miniature GSM communicator is here – simple, intuitive and powerful. The uGATE3 series communicators are available in two versions with different equipment. More

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This better equipped uGATE3A model offers six universal inputs/outputs, analogue measuring input, OLED display and a microSD card slot for recording the events history.

We also offer a simpler version of the communicator marked as GATE3B which is equipped with three inputs, three outputs and three LEDs indicating the device status.

Both communicators are set very easily and intuitively via a USB using the PC configuration software.

A wide range of settings makes powerful devices with universal use from these communicators.

The communicators allow the transmission of events and control of devices via the GSM mobile operator network and therefore, at virtually unlimited distances. All this simply from any type mobile phone that the user may have.
uGATE3A functions and properties:
- 6 terminals adjustable as universal input/output
- 1 analogue measuring input 0–30 V DC (resolution 10 mV)
- OLED information display with resolution 128x64 px
- SD card slot to store event history 8 GB maximum)
- Universal audio input/output with a jack
- MicroUSB connector for setting via PC
- Slot for any GSM operator SIM card
- Power supply 12 V DC (10–14 V)
- Current consumption: 20 mA at rest, 320 mA when all outputs are activated, 1 A at peaks while communicating with GSM
- Controlled via text messages
- Controlled by calling from up to 6 phone numbers
- Inputs are separated by opto-isolators with active GND level (for connecting dry contacts), the minimum current for input activation: 0.15 mA
- Outputs are transistor with open collector (maximum load 12 V/50 mA)
- Dimensions: 48×48×15 mm (H×W×D)
- Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C
- Operating humidity: 20–80% RH
- GSM/GPRS Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Extension to 100 numbers is possible for additional fee. For more information please call our business department +420 511 191 202.

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