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A practical case with 2 fish bite indicators Q9-RGB-TX and a modern receiver RX MULTI. More

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If you like your fishing equipment in one place, you will certainly appreciate this practical set of bite alarms and a receiver. The czech bite alarms from Q9-RGB TX series are modern, have a redesigned communication protocol and provide faster and more accurate transmission of bite information.

The bite alarm Q9-RGB TX offers a unique optical and acoustic signaling of the direction of the fishing line and a wide spectrum of tone and volume selection. The Incognito function is also interesting, which allows you to set the signalizer so that the LEDs do not light up when the shot is taken, and the shot is signaled by light and sound only when listening.

This set also includes the RX MULTI receiver, which recognizes not only the catch, but also the speed and direction of the line unwinding. The receiver signals everything optically and acoustically with a different pitch, and it also contains 3 alarm channels that work with ALF3 fishing alarms. Thanks to its small size, this receiver is very easy to carry and easy to handle.

More information about the Q9-RGB TX signaling devices can be found HERE.
You can find more information about listening to RX MULTI HERE.

Set Contents:
- 2x bite alarm Q9-RGB-TX
- RX Multi receiver
- Neck loop
- Case KAB22