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Car security has never been easier to install and more enjoyable to use! Installation of the EMA2 car alarm is based simply on inserting the alarm into the cigarette lighter socket. With automatic activation and deactivation of the protection with authorisation pendants, you don’t have to worry whether or not you have forgotten to turn the protection on or off . The protection activates itself when you leave the car and it deactivates itself when you arrive to your car.

Main advantages of the EMA2:
- No installation
- Automatic activation and deactivation of the protection
- Very easy to set up
- Backup battery life up to 7 days
- Minimal operating costs
- Possibility of upgrading the alarm with a GPS receiver
- and wireless detectors

Technical parameters:
- Dimensions: 38 × 42 × 69 mm
- GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- Frequency of wireless accessories: 868MHz
- GSM performance: Class 1 (1 W),Class 4 (2 W)
- Power and charge: 7–16 V DC (On-board 12 V)
- Charging only: 5V DC from a USB port
- Subscription: 200 mA charging, 600 mA max. in GSM communication
- Operating temperature: -20 up +70°C

Extension accessory for EMA2 car alarm which extends capabilities by accurate GPS localization.

- Dimensions: 35 × 52 × 15 mm
- Cable length: 1 m
- Power supply: 3.4–4.5V DC, consumption 0.5–25 mA
- Operating temperature: -20 to +70 °C
- GPS channels: 22 monitoring, 66 acquisition
- GPS sensitivity: -165 dBm monitoring, -148 dBm acquisition
- GPS accuracy: typically 10 m with a direct view of the sky