RFID identification system for 25 users

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RFID identification system for 25 users More

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Wireless RFID identification design based on a PIC microprocessor. Just move a transponder (keychain, card, etc.) close to the sensor (sensor coil), the code is read, compared with the code in memory, and eventually, if the codes match, the action is performed (opens door, enables/disables alarm control panel, etc.). Transponders don't require their own power supply; everything is transmitted through induction. The big advantage is a possibility of hiding the sensor coil under any non-conductive material and also, to achieve maximum safety, the possibility of separating the coil to a distance of at least 30 cm.
The design consists of two boards: a coil board (you can even wind the coil yourself) and electronic board which has everything from a decoder through a control microprocessor, power supply part to output relay.
Power supply 12 V/stand-by consumption 35 mA when the relay holds 200 mA maximum, dimensionally designed for a standard switch box (see the figure). Saving for up to 25 transponders in memory.

Power supply 12 V/35 mA – 200 mA

- PCB dimensions: 67 x 67 mm
- PCB antenna dimensions: 61 x 57 mm
- RFID: EM 4001 125 kHz
- Memory: 25 users
- Output: relay

Design was designed with versatility so you have a choice of several operating modes:

1) control of the electromagnetic door lock – transponder proximity switches output relay for 5 seconds

2) switching on and off of any appliance or control panel – transponder proximity activates the relay, another approaching opens the relay, etc.

3) full alarm control panel – motion sensors and door contacts can be connected via two inputs. Delayed and instantaneous input is available. Two relays at outputs: one relay is used as e.g. a higher device control (it connects upon activation of the panel and opens when the control panel is deactivated), the second as a siren output. Function description: you leave the building, approach your transponder to the reader and the countdown to leave the area is started (approximately 1 minute). During this time, LED1 flashes in green and sound transducer beeps occasionally. After the time, inputs are evaluated. In the event of disruption (activation of any of the sensors), Re2 (siren) either connects immediately or, if the input is activated with a delay of 12 seconds, the alarm is triggered after the time elapses. If an authorised transponder is read within this time, the alarm is not triggered and the control panel is deactivated. Time of Re2 (siren) connection is limited to 40 seconds. Upon arrival, an operator is alerted by alternating green/red flashing of LED1 that the building was breached during their absence.

4) the alarm control panel has the same functions as in mode 3 with the exception that relay Re2 closes for only 2 seconds in case of an alarm. Designed for connecting with e.g. a GSM pager.

Kit contains a coil board, a control board, all components and one card to try. More can be ordered. Door and window contacts, backup power supply 12V, PIR motion sensors are available on our website.
We will gladly adjust the program according to your requirements on request.

Original FLAJZAR kit.
Electronic kit containing a complete set of components, printed circuit board and instructions, or other elements according to the specification.