Remote Control via Mobile Phone Kit

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Universal GSM remote control. More

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The unique remote control kit via the GSM mobile network. You can control a relay by simply calling from your mobile phone, which means free of charge! The great advantage of the design is that it isn't connected to a mobile phone and therefore, any type of mobile phone can be used, even with a broken screen bought in a second-hand shop for very little cost.

The principle is based on evaluating the electromagnetic field. The coil receives a signal which is amplified and processed by a processor which controls the relay according to the set mode.

You can choose from three basic switching modes:

- the relay holds while ringing. Once it stops, the relay opens.

- the relay can be switched on and off as required

- the relay connects and drops out after a set period of time (which can be adjusted in four steps from 1 second to 60 minutes)

Power supply 12 V (stabilizer).

Original FLAJZAR kit.
Electronic kit containing a complete set of components , printed circuit board and instructions, or other elements according to the specification.