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Looking for a simple and reliable remote control with a long range at a great price? More

Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: KH1RX-SMD

We have something new for you in the form of the KH1RX-SMD single-channel receiver which cooperates with a miniature transmitter (keychain) KV1TXK. The receiver is supplied already assembled, it offers several switching modes, power supply of 12–14 V, output relay load is 250 V/5 A and it can learn up to 15 KV1TXK keychains. Simple and practical!

Given the popularity of our remote control kits with KEELOQ* Microchip circuits, we want to save you the time and offer you an already assembled module fitted with SMD components.

- Power supply: 12–14 V
- Dimensions: 60x40 mm
- one relay at the output with contact load 250 V/5 A
- possibility to learn up to 15 K