Receiver with 4 channel KEELOQ, kit

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24,45 €

A kit of a 4 channel 433.92MHz receiver cooperating with KVxTX keychains (Keeloq). The receiver is fitted with a Microchip processor, precise ceramic module AUREL and power relays. Very easy to set up – no adjustments and tuning needed. High reliability and wide operating temperature range (-20 °C to +70 °C). More

Product code: KP4RX EAN: 8594073546418 Shipping and Payment

The receiver can learn any of the 15 KVxTX keychains (offer on the previous page). Receiver power supply 12 V, load of switching contact of output relays 250 V/10 A maximum (we recommend connecting 50 V maximum for safety reasons).

Jumpers can be used to set two relay switching modes:
- the first pressing of button closes the relay/the second opens it
- the relay is held while holding the button on the transmitter (25 sec. maximum)
- combined mode, suitable for using a five-channel transmitter KV5TX. The first relay is switched on by the first button on the control, switched off by the second third button. The second relay switched on by the second button on the transmitter and off by the fourth button. The fifth button on the transmitter is used to alternately switch on and off the third relay and it holds the fourth relay while holding the fifth button.

With a floating code, the design is suitable for applications requiring a high degree of security and high reliability . We also offer custom program modification or device development according to your requirements.

Thanks to a favourable price, the design may be used for common use: control of appliances, lights, pumps, etc.

Original FLAJZAR design with complete support. Electronic kit containing a complete set of components, printed circuit board and instructions, or other elements according to the specification.

Dimensions c.: 86 x 55 x 20 mm