Miniature FSK Transmitter 868.3MHz

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Miniature FSK transmitter in a 868.3 MHz band. More

Product code: TX868FSK1 EAN: 8594073541789 Shipping and Payment

Range with the RX868FSK1 receiver is up to 500 metres (8.5 cm wire antenna). Simple connection to your application: data input and enable input which is used to reduce consumption below 0.5 uA (turning off).

PPL synthesis, crystal integrated directly onto the module. High stability in a wide range of operating temperatures.

- Supply voltage: 2.2~3.5 V
- Current consumption during transmission: 15 mA
- Stand-by current consumption: 0.5 uA
- HF power: +10 dBm (3 V)
- Turn on time: up to 1 ms (the time within the range where the module is able to begin transmitting after waking up from Sleep mode)
- Data transfer rate: up to 4.8 kbps
- Temperature range: -20 °C to +85 °C
- Dimensions: 17 x 12.5 mm!!!

We offer attractive mass discounts for serial production.

The module has a declaration of conformity. Tests were performed in an accredited test laboratory VTUPV Vyškov.