Magnetic quick connector

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The magnetic quick connector is a great helper for any angler who uses bite indicators. Once you set the quick coupler on your stand or fork, you no longer have to screw every time.

The magnetic quick coupler is made from aluminum and has a great black anodized finish. Universal fishing threads will guarantee that the quick coupler will be compatible with most manufactured forks, racks and indicators. Two strong neodymium magnets and perfect processing guarantee a solid connection of the signalizer to the stand.

The magnetic quick coupler consists of two parts. You turn the lower part into a fork or stand. You turn the upper part onto the thread of the signalizer and then connect the parts using magnets. A sufficiently deep top ensures that you can place both swingers and ears between the signaler and the clutch top.

Number of parts: 2
Material: aluminum
Surface treatment: black Elox
Standard fishing thread BSF3/8´´