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LED čelovka pro rybáře More

Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: HL346

It is a rechargeable LED headlamp with a powerful battery, the option of choosing from two white and two red light fluxes, the Zoom function (expanding and narrowing the light flux) and also the option of turning on the Sensor by Hand Moving function (touchless control)).
The headlamp has several essential advantages - long battery life, low weight and fast charging. The battery status is indicated by the blue diodes on the front of the headlamp.
The headlamp also has a high-quality strap that guarantees a good hold on your head. Of course, the IP is sufficient for using the headlamp in nature.

Power supply: built-in Li-pol battery 3.7V/1800 mAh
Charging: using a microUSB cable
Charging time 3.5h
Number of white LEDs: 1
Optical zoom - the ability to narrow or widen the cone of light
Number of red LEDs: 4
Battery status indication: 5 blue LEDs on the front of the headlamp
Luminous flux: up to 200 lm
Range: up to 100 meters
IP 66 - completely dustproof and protection against intense water jets
Weight: 118.2g
Size: 70 x 46 x 52 mm
Operating temperature: -10° to +50°

Using the headlamp:
Power button - by pressing the button within 3 seconds, you can switch between 4 lighting modes

1. white LED 100% - up to 6 hours of NONSTOP light
2. white LED 50% - output up to 11 hours NONSTOP light
3. red LED 100% - up to 11 hours of NONSTOP light
4. red LED 50% - up to 19 hours of NONSTOP light

The headlamp includes a memory function of the last light mode. If we turn on the headlamp with the ON-OFF button, the headlamp remembers the selected mode after 3 seconds of light, and the next press of the ON-OFF button turns the headlamp off (we do not need to switch the other light modes). However, if we want to switch modes, we repeatedly press the ON-OFF button within 3 seconds.

SENSOR button - when pressed, touchless control mode is activated. By moving your hand within 25 cm of the headlamp, we control the contactless switching on and off of the headlamp.