GSM DIN4 230V - communicator version on 230V AC

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Další generace univerzálního GSM komunikátoru na DIN lištu, nově s možností konfigurace a ovládání pomocí WiFi nebo GSM sítě. Umožňuje snadné ovládání a kontrolu stavů bez omezení vzdálenosti uživatele. Napájení: 230V AC More

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The GSM-DIN4 communicator offers a whole range of improvements and innovations. The device contains four power outputs, three with a contact load of up to 230V/5A and one with a load of up to 230V/16A. It is then possible to remotely change their status using SMS messages or simply by ringing the bell (free of charge), or use the timer and thermostat functions with the connection of an external temperature sensor.

GSM-DIN4 is equipped with five universal inputs, to which the contact of any sensor can be connected, and two analog (measurement) inputs. You will then receive an information SMS message or a call to your mobile phone if these inputs are activated.

Configuration is now possible using a web application via integrated WiFi. In addition, the responsive design of the configurator guarantees controllability across devices, operating systems and browsers.

Basic functions and features of DIN4
-easy control of appliances and control of sensor states
- conveniently using your mobile phone
-communication in the form of SMS commands, ringing (free of charge)
-setup with integrated WiFi
-five digital inputs with the ability to set the response to a change, disconnect or connect the loop
-inputs can be switched to enable/disable input mode to connect RFID keyboard, remote control receiver. The device then folds as a security control panel.
-two analog measuring inputs, with the possibility of setting the lower and upper limits, after exceeding which the user is informed
-three power outputs with a contact load of up to 5A, with the option of setting a thermostat (cooling, heating,...) or a timer
-one power output with a contact load of up to 16A, with the option of setting a thermostat (cooling, heating,...) or a timer
-storing event history to SD card
- power supply 230V/50Hz or 24V DC depending on the version

Technical parameters:
- DIN 4M box size (71x90x62mm)
- GSM/GPRS/ Quad Band 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
- WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz) AP or Client mode
- Possibility of 230V power supply
- 5x potential-free logic input
- 2x analog input
- 3x relay output 5A
- 1x relay output 16A
- Option to connect a 12V backup source ( UPSZ )
- Power output 12V/30mA (e.g. for PIR sensors)
- Option to connect the Dallas temperature sensor (TC530C2, TC530C5)
- Configuration using the web application
- Saving history on SD cards