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GSM control GSM DIN3B is a universal GSM device, transmitting information via the GSM network. It allows easy control of appliances and status checking via your mobile phone. More

Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: GSM-DIN3B

The communicator contains two power outputs with contact load within 230 V/5 A. Their status can be changed or a timer and thermostat function with connected external temperature sensor can be used remotely via text messages or simply by calling (free of charge).

GSM-DIN3 is equipped with two universal inputs, which a contact on any sensor can be connected to it. You will then receive an information text message or a call on your mobile phone in case of an activation of these inputs. Up to 6 phone numbers.

Summary of functions and basic properties:
- inner Li-ion battery ensures the operation of the communicator even when there is a 230V power failure.
- possibility of monitoring 230V network voltage – text messages are sent in case of the failure and recovery.
- two universal inputs with adjustable reaction to changes, loop disconnection or connection.
- the possibility of setting entry and exit time from 10 to 90 seconds.
- inputs can be switched into a mode for activation/deactivation input for connecting a keyboard, RFID, remote control receiver. The device is then used as a small control panel with the possibility of enabling/disabling with the access system.
- each input can be named individually (text of sent text message).
- in the event that it is necessary to have the inputs permanently active (in monitoring mode), you can switch them to 24 hour loop mode.
- input for digital temperature sensor with automatic control of the two relays (thermostat).
- information text message in case of exceeding the set temperature or if the temperature drops below the set limit.
- two output relays 230 V/5 A (resistive load). Each relay can be assigned to a timer of up to 10 hours; control commands can be selected for each of them (e.g. HEATING ON, HEATING OFF, etc.).
- the device status can be found out anytime using a status text message.
- GSM-DIN3B can be quickly and easily configured via a clear and intuitive PC program. The program lets you easily adjust all settings, their saving and loading to and from a configuration file.
- when installing, you will also appreciate the online determination of the GSM signal strength.

Basic specification:
- dimensions: 90x36x58 (HxWxD)
- GSM/GPRS Quad Band 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
- supply voltage: 230 V AC
- the communicator is backed up by an internal Li-ion battery 3.7 V/330 mAh
- current consumption – networked, idle state: c. 10 mA,
- both relays closed: 100 mA, when charging the battery: 300 mA
- max. current consumption (GSM module transmitting): c. 500 mA at peak
- operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C
- 2 logical inputs, separated by opto-isolators, active GND level
- inputs are designed for connection of potential free contacts!
- 1 input for a digital temperature sensor with a measuring range from -20 °C to 125 °C.
- (possibility to buy under order no. TC530C2 or TC530C5)
- 2 power relays 230V AC, contact current up to 5 A (resistive load)
- possibility of easy configuration via PC software and the USB cable that is supplied.
- the device is designed for dry environments. Use a case with corresponding protection for outdoor installation.