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Miniature receiver, allowing to connect up to nine devices, the bite is signalized acoustically and optically on the LED display. More

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The FISHTRON RX MINI miniature receiver is designed for wireless evaluation of a fish bite or an alarm and allows receiving up to 9 devices.

It works not only with FISHTRON NEON TX3, e3TX, Q9-RGB TX and CATFISH TX3 catch indicators, but it can also evaluate the alarm from the ALF3 and connect other selected FLAJZAR accessories. The shot is signaled acoustically and optically in red on the LED display.
This receiver is easy to operate and thanks to its miniature dimensions, it is easy to carry. In addition, it has a long battery life and signals a weak battery condition well in advance.

Number of positions for bite alarms up to 9 (together with positions for alarm sensors)
Number of positions for alarm sensors up to 9 (together with positions for alarm sensors)
Number and type of batteries 2x battery AAA (3V)
Compatibility Q9-RGB TX, NEON TX3, CatFish TX3, e3TX, ALF3
Optical signalization red segment LED display for signaling or alarm sensors
Loudness settings yes
Range až 50 m
Size (H x W x D) 71 x 37 x 25 mm