Fishtron Q9-RGB TX

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The modern Q9 range bite sounder offers changes of the color and brightness of the optical signaling. Provides faster and more accurate bite information. More

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The FISHTRON Q9-RGB TX bite alarm is equipped with a redesigned communication protocol and provides faster and more accurate transmission of bite information to RX MULTI, RX SIX and RX MINI receivers.

This czech bite alarm stands out with a number of useful functions, such as unique optical and acoustic signaling of the direction of the fishing line, a wide range of sensitivity settings from 4 mm to 15 cm, a wide spectrum of tone and volume selection. There is also a MUTE function for turning off the transmitter module and sounds for 60 seconds, which you will appreciate, for example, when setting up the swinger.

The Incognito function is also interesting, it allows you to set the bite sounder so that the LEDs do not light up when the fish bites, and the bite is only signaled by light and sound on receiver. In addition, the FISHTRON Q9-RGB TX sound biter detects the battery status immediately after switching on and displays it using a column of red LEDs.


- color changeable signaling
- simple adjustment of the brightness of the LED column
- fast and accurate transmission of shot information to the receiver
- attractive design with rubberized body
- connector for connecting a swinger
- very long battery life
- protective case KAB79 is included
- range of signalers with Rx Multi listening (on open water to 800m)
- a security alarm that is triggered when the bite alarm is turned off and triggers an acoustic warning on the receiver
- 3 years warranty

- battery status display:

  • full column - full battery capacity
  • half column - 50% battery capacity
  • 1 bottom diode - 25% battery capacity
  • flashing lower diode - cannot be turned on (requires battery replacement)

Did you purchase the alarm before October 2020? You can send it to us and we will flash it to the latest firmware for you. All devices purchased after this date already contain the latest firmware.

Broadcast module yes
Number and type of batteries 2x LR1
Compatibility RX MULTI, RX SIX, RX MINI, WRL 1, WRL2, WRL 3, HL346P
Optical signalization 6 LED diods
Color of optical signalization Multicolor, 6 optional colors
Setting of LED light yes, in 5 steps
Memory LED yes
Night LED yes
Loudness settings adjustable
Ring settings yes
Nastavení citlivosti potahu 4mm up to 15 cm
Funkce MUTE yes
Special functions battery status indication when switched on, anti-theft alarm, parachute (reverse direction)
Bolt lenght 20 mm
Size (H x W x D) 85 x 47 x 30 mm