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Upgraded Q9 series bite sounder which comes with a new option to change the colour and brightness of optical signalling More

Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: Q9-RGB

This successor of a very popular bite sounder is equipped with a reworked communication protocol. The sounder has a number of essential functions, such as its unique optical and acoustic signalling of fishing line movement direction, a wide range of sensitivity settings from 4 mm to 15 cm, a large variety of choices of tone and volume. There is also a MUTE function to turn off the transmitter module and sounds for 60 seconds. This function is convenient when setting a swinger.

- a unique multifunctional optical signalling with possible colour change
- simple setting of LED column brightness
- fast and accurate transmission of bite information to the receiver
- acoustic signal with a large spectrum of tones
- intuitive control of sensitivity, tone and volume
- extremely fine sensitivity setting from 4 mm
- MUTE function
- attractive design with a rubberised body
- connector for swinger connection
- a very long battery life
- KAB79, case for bite alarm included

**NEW 2020 - Battery status**
Bite alarm will immediately detect battery capacity after TURN ON and display status for 1sec in red LED column
- full column - full battery capacity
- half column - 50% battery capacity
- 1 bottom LED - 25% battery capacity
- flashing bottom LED - battery change necessary