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The FISHTRON e3TX is designed for those who prefer simplicity, tradition and fresh design. It‘s fully compatible with the RGB product series. The FISHTRON e3TX can be paired with RX MULTI, RX SIX and RX MINI receivers or the WRL1 and WRL2 lamps. More

Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: e3TX

The FISHTRON E3TX offers a revolutionary simple multi-functional operation. In short, no unnecessary features or complicated setup.This higher version is equipped with a transmitter which means it is fully compatible with the RX MULTI,RX SIX and RX MINI receivers as well as with the WRL1 and WRL2 LED lamps.

The unique design along with FLAJZAR electronics with accurate magnetic line scanning ensures high quality processing, durability and long battery life. By unwinding the line forward and backward, the pulley rotates and the electronics with contactless magnetic sensoring translates this movement into electrical impulses. The output is then a sound signal and an optical signal consisting of a series of four LED RGB diodes, which you can select to a desired level and colour. The indicating speed of the LED diodes is dependant on the speed of the line unwinding. So is the sound signal.

With the FISHTRON e3TX you can change the LED colours to blue, green, red and purple. The FISHTRON E3  is powered by two LR1 (LADY) batteries that are located under the battery cover at the back of the device. The swinger connector can be found at the bottom of the device.
With the dimensions of 99 x 48 x 31 mm, the FISHTRON e3TX is one of the smallest bite alarms on the market.
This indicator has been developed and produced in the Czech Republic, as well as all of the FLAJZAR devices and they are all included with our 3 year warranty.

- Multifunctional optical signalling consisting of multiple colour LEDs, flash memory
- Audible signalling with strength control
- volume and pitch control - all with one rotating element (knob)
- Swinger connector
- Dimensions - height without the screw 84mm, width 48mm, depth 50mm, screw length 15mm
- 2x battery LR-01
- power consumption off-state 0.00mA, on (idle) up to 15uA (microAmper), on (shooting) max. 200mA dia. impulsively
- connectors for swinger connection - JACK 2.5 mm mono, centre wire + voltage max. 3V, load max 5mA.