Fishtron e3

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Velmi oblíbený signalizátor záběru u všech příznivců klasiky a jednoduchého designu. More

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The Czech bite alarm FISHTRON e3 continuously monitors the movement of the fishing line and reports a fish bite with an optical and sound signal. It has very easy multi-functional control, a unique design and precise magnetic sensing of line unwinding. In addition, it is of high quality, durable and has a long battery life.

By unwinding the line forwards and backwards, the pulley rotates and the electronics convert this movement into electrical impulses. The output is subsequently a sound signaling of the bite and the lighting of the optical signaling, which consists of a row of four RGB LEDs. The running speed of the LEDs is dependent on the speed of unwinding the fishing line. So is the tune of the beeper.

With the FISHTRON e3 indicator, it is possible to change the LED color to blue, green, red and purple. The engagement indicator is powered by two LR-01 cells, which are located under the battery cover in the back of the product. In the lower part of the device there is a connector for connecting a swinger.

Warning: This signalizer does not have a built-in transmitter, so it cannot be paired with RX MULTI and RX MINI listening devices.

Broadcast module No
Number and type of batteries 2x LR1
Compatibility -
Optical signalization 4 LED diods
Color of optical signalization multibarevná, 4 choosable colors
Setting of LED light ne
Memory LED yes
Loudness settings adjustable
Ring settings yes
Nastavení citlivosti potahu no, no, is set to 1cm
Funkce MUTE no
Special functions connector for swinger connection
Bolt lenght 20 mm
Size (H x W x D) 84 x 47 x 30 mm