Digital thermostat DALLAS -30 °C to +125 °C

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Digital thermostat -30 °C to +125 °C More

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This popular thermostat kit operating with a DS18B20 temperature sensor, embedded in a stainless steel roller. The sensor is not included in the kit and can be ordered in two lengths: 2 metres under the order code TC530C2 and 5 metres under the order code TC530C5.

The digital thermostat and Dallas temperature sensor kit measures and controls the temperature in a range from -30 °C to +125 °C. The output has a power relay with switching contact 250 V/5 A. Precise printed circuit board. Four-digit LED display with a digit height of 14 mm, power supply 12 V. It is controlled by a microprocessor with adjustable upper and lower limits. Heating or cooling mode.

Dimensions are 82x51 mm, the display panel is 82x29mm. The cable length to the sensor may be extend to more than 10 metres. No calibration is required. You may also order a box with plexiglass under the order code 530BPX.

NOTE: The new sensor is not backward compatible with version 530B.

NOTE: the sensor is not included in the kit and must be ordered separately.