Smoke detector SD95

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Smoke detector with optical signalling and relay contact More

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This detector is ideal for connection to our GSM communicators, uGate2k, GSM-DIN3 or SIP600-USB. In the case of a fire, you receive the information via your mobile phone (text message, call).

Technical specifications:
• Power supply: DC 9V ~ 35V
• Current consumption at rest: <12mA
• Current consumption: <18mA
• Indication: LED
• Sensitivity: 0.5dB / m (± 0.1dB / m)
• Output: Relay (changeover contact, load max. 28VDC, 500mA)
• Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 50 ° C
• Operating humidity: <95% RH
• Standard: EN54-7 / UL268
• Dimensions: 103mm × 53mm