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Descaler More

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This device finds its application in areas with hard water which causes clogging to pipes and radiators of appliances by scale.Electronic descalerin kit form, it uses the principle of the action of frequency-modulated magnetic field to water where there are changes in the structure of calcium bicarbonate, a major factor in scale formation. After this adjustment it is no longer sedimented and the already sedimented scale is gradually removed.The device is supplied as a kit,but every slightly skilful radio amateur or a person with a knowledge of electronics can do the composition and assembly.

- It saves energy- a heater with scale deposits is less efficient than a heater without scale.
- It extends the life of a device for heating water, including, for example, boilers, washing machine and dishwasher heating coils, kettles and the like.
- Low power consumption: Monthly consumption of less than 0.35 kWh (about CZK 1.66).
- All ecologically, without the use of chemicals.
- Through the use of modern microcontroller that performs signal modulation, minimum dimensions and an overall simplification of the entire circuit are achieved.
- Operation is signalled by rapid flashing of green LED.

- Power voltage: 12 V DC (not included)
- Maximum current consumption: 40 mA
- Fitted PCB dimensions (WxHxD): 56x18x8 mm