Code Lock with Keypad, Kit

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Kit of code lock with membrane keypad More

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Code lock kit, fitted with high quality membrane keypad with adhesive foil on the other side.
Using a 3- to 8-digit code which you choose, you can control the relay output.

The lock can operate in two modes:
- after entering the correct code, the relay only connects only for approximately 3 seconds (opening electromagnetic lock)
- after entering the code, the relay connects permanently. It opens simply by pressing a combination of #0. This mode makes control easier because it isn't necessary to enter the whole code again to deactivate the relay

The keypad can also be placed away from the electronics, for example on the other side of a wall. For safety reasons, it is better in cases when the keypad is available for other people. The keypad can be up to 50 cm away from electronics.

power supply of the board with electronics 12 V
load of output relay switching contact up to 24 V/3 A
board dimensions c. 40 x 40 mm
the keypad dimensions are 60 x 58 mm.
The keypad can be attached to e.g. a classical light switch box or directly on a door, etc.

Original FLAJZAR kit. Electronic kit containing a complete set of components, printed circuit board and instructions, or other elements according to the specification.