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Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: SADA6

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Christmas set includes:

e3TX and RX MINI Kit:

It is intended for those who prefer simplicity, tradition and innovative design. FISHTRON e3TX can be paired with RX MULTI, RX SIX and RX MINI receivers or WRL1 and WRL3 lamps.
The signaling device offers revolutionary simple multi-functional control - in short, no unnecessary functions or complex settings.
The unique design together with FLAJZAR electronics with precise magnetic sensing of line unwinding guarantee high processing quality, durability and long battery life. By unwinding the fishing line forwards and backwards, the pulley rotates, and the electronics convert this movement into electrical impulses using non-contact magnetic sensing. The output is then the sound signaling of the shot and the lighting of the optical signaling consisting of a series of four LED RGB diodes, which you can choose as you wish on the signaling devices. The running speed of the LEDs is dependent on the speed of unwinding the fishing line. So is the tune of the beeper. Sensitivity preset to 1cm.

It is possible to change the LED color to blue, green, red and purple. The engagement indicator is powered by two LR01 cells, which are located under the battery cover in the back of the product. In the lower part of the device there is a connector for connecting a swinger.

With dimensions of 99 x 48 x 31 mm, the FISHTRON e3TX signaling device is one of the smallest devices of its kind on the market.
This signalizer was developed and is manufactured in the Czech Republic, after all, like all FLAJZAR signalizers, it also comes with a 3-year warranty.

A new miniature long-distance wiretapping receiver that can receive up to 9 devices, the engagement is signaled acoustically and optically on the LED display.
It works not only with the Fishtron NEON TX3, e3TX, Q9-RGB TX and CATFISCH TX3 shot signalers, but can also evaluate the alarm from ALF3 wireless sensors and connect other selected FLAJZAR accessories. Simple, very small, easy to carry and with a long battery life - this is the new Fishtron RX MINI receiver.

Kit Contents:
- 3x e3TX signaling device
- Neck strap
- Interception RX MINI
- Case KAB22

The magnetic quick coupler is a great helper for any angler who uses bite indicators. Once you set the quick coupler on your rack or fork, you don't need to adjust it anymore.

The magnetic quick coupler is made from aluminum and has a great black anodized finish. Universal fishing threads will guarantee that the quick coupler will be compatible with most manufactured forks, racks and indicators. Two strong neodymium magnets and perfect processing guarantee a solid connection of the signalizer to the stand.

The magnetic quick coupler consists of two parts. You turn the lower part into a fork or stand. You turn the upper part onto the thread of the signalizer and then connect the parts using magnets. The sufficiently deep upper part ensures that you can place both swingers and ears between the signaler and the upper part of the clutch.

Number of parts: 2
Material: aluminum
Surface treatment: black Elox
Standard fishing thread BSF3/8´´