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It is the world's unique and dimensionally very small catfish bite sounder| More

Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: CATFISH TX3

A unique and secure attachment directly to a fishing rod allows you to concentrate only on the fishing for catfish itself, instead of finding lost bells and shock sensors.

The maximum accuracy of bite evaluation is achieved with the modern 4D system used by the sounder. The 4D system does not evaluate the change in position only in the three standard axes X, Y and Z, but it also uses a time parameter as a fourth dimension. When fishing for catfish, angle change or fishing rod bending is evaluated instead of the shocks.

Higher FISHTRON CATFISH TX3 version announces the catfish bite via an optical LED signal and a wireless signal transmission. The FISHTRON CATFISH TX3 can be paired with RX SIX, RX MULTI and RX MINI receiver or WRL1 and WRL2 lamps. Salt water resistant

- 2 bases for quick and easy mounting on any type of fishing rod.
- Screwdriver for battery replacement included.