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It is the world's unique and dimensionally very small catfish bite sounder. More

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The CATFISH TX3 bite indicator is attached to the body of the rod and is primarily intended for catfish fishing. It has a unique patented way of detection of engagement, in which the most modern components with the lowest possible consumption are used. Thanks to this, high reliability and a long operating time on one battery are guaranteed.

Catch detection is evaluated not only on the basis of bending of the rod, but also on the time of bending. Thanks to this, a high resistance against false alarms of the signaling device is achieved.

The function of turning off the acoustic signaling is also very popular, leaving only colored visual signaling. The sound remains secured thanks to the RX MINI listening.

Broadcast module yes
Number and type of batteries 1x CR2032
Compatibility RX MULTI, RX SIX, RX MINI, WRL 1, WRL2, WRL 3, HL346P
Optical signalization 1 LED diod
Color of optical signalization red
Setting of LED light ne
Memory LED yes
Night LED no
Loudness settings no
Ring settings no
Nastavení citlivosti potahu 5 stupňů
Funkce MUTE no
Special functions 20-pulse engagement diode, option to turn off sounds, 2 bases for quick and easy attachment to any type of rod,
Size (H x W x D) 62 x 27,5 x 22 mm