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Manufacturer: FLAJZAR, s.r.o. Product code: SETCATL31


A unique and secure attachment directly to a fishing rod allows you to concentrate only on the fishing for catfish itself, instead of finding lost bells and shock sensors.

The maximum accuracy of bite evaluation is achieved with the modern 4D system used by the sounder. The 4D system does not evaluate the change in position only in the three standard axes X, Y and Z, but it also uses a time parameter as a fourth dimension. When fishing for catfish, angle change or fishing rod bending is evaluated instead of the shocks.

Higher FISHTRON CATFISH TX3 version announces the catfish bite via an optical LED signal and a wireless signal transmission. The FISHTRON CATFISH TX3 can be paired with RX SIX, RX MULTI and RX MINI receiver or WRL1 and WRL2, WRL3 lamps. Salt water resistant
- 2 bases for quick and easy mounting on any type of fishing rod.
- Screwdriver for battery replacement included.

It recognises the bite, speed and direction of the unwinding fishing line, as well as the assigned LED colour as the new feature. The receiver indicates everything visually and acoustically by different tone heights (depending on the bite alarm settings).
The receiver contains 3 alarm channels that work with the ALF3 fishing alarms.
- attractive design with rubber coated body which fits and sits well in the hand
- you can wear it around your neck or stand it on the table
- reliable reception and displaying of bites from up to four FISHTRON Q9-RGB TX, NEON TX3, CATFISH TX3, e3TX bite alarms
- possibility to connect up to three wireless ALF3 alarm sensors
- built-in LED lamp
- modern electronics, powered by only one AAA cell (regular battery) = cheap operation
- intelligent battery status indication informs about the need of battery replacement well in advance
- wireless lamps WRL1 and WRL2, WRL3 controlling possibility
- When you turn the beacon on or off, the listening tone will let you know
- During capture, the alarm from the ALF 3 sensors is automatically blocked and after 3 minutes it is unblocked again.
- Possibility to set the alarm volume ALF3
- Low battery audible alarm

The WRL1 is not only designed as a regular light, but it can also act as a bite alarm and as a receiver for the ALF3 wireless fishing alarm by lighting up . Up to eight devices can be stored in its memory.

- Power supply: 3 LR3 (AAA) batteries (not included)
- Current consumption:
- Lamp off: 0 mA
- Lamp on: 1.6 mA maximum
- all LEDs on: 200 mA
- Number of white LEDs: 3
- The lamp can be paired with the NEON TX3, e3 TX, CATFISH TX3,Q9-RGB TX receiver RX MULTI and  the ALF3 fishing alarms
- Number of memory positions (max. number of devices connected at): 8
- Range up to 150 m

1x WRL1