Car alarm EMA2 with authorization tag

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Improved version of the miniature GSM car alarm More

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In a small body, the EMA2 stores everything needed to guard not only your car. EMA2 can be recharged using a power bank, adapter or USB cable, so it is able to protect really anything, whether you take it to a caravan, camp, hotel, houseboat or just in your bag.

A new part of the package is a contactless key fob, with which the EMA2 is automatically activated/deactivated.

The alarm can notify up to 3 phone numbers of intrusion, towing, manipulation, impact or change of location using a preset SMS or call. Now it is no longer necessary to control the alarm only with SMS commands or ringing.

GPS can also be connected to the car alarm, thanks to which you can track the location of the vehicle in case of theft. The replaceable battery and the possibility of expanding the scope of the alarm using wireless peripherals make this alarm a perfect security element.

Configuration program:
EMA2 config

Technical parameters:
- Dimensions: 38 x 42 x 69 mm
- GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- Wireless frequency. accessories: 868 MHz
- GSM power: Class 1 (1 W), Class 4 (2 W)
- Power supply and charging: 7-16 V DC (on-board network 12 V)
- Charging only: 5 V DC from USB port
- Consumption: 200 mA charging, 600 mA max. during GSM communication
- Working temperature: -20 to +70 °C

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