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Thanks to the portable ALF3 detector, you will be in control of your fishing spot and rods, even if you are moving away. More

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During fishing, there are times when you move away from your fishing spot or want to take a walk around the area. You can use the ALF3 portable detector so that your rods and fishing spot are not left unattended.

It contains a shock sensor with digital analysis against false alarms and two optical infrared sensors detecting the movement of people. You can also use the ALF3 sensor to detect movement in the area of your car, boat or other property.

The range of the sensor is 6 m on each side and the angle of engagement is 110° on each side. This way, no one will approach your hunting spot unnoticed. In addition, it is protected against weather effects by its construction. So there is no need to cover it and protect it from rain in raging conditions.

When used with the RX MULTI listening device, the alarm volume can be adjusted.

Compatibility RX MULTI, RX SIX, RX MINI, WRL1, WRL2, WRL3
Loudness settings yes, with RX MULTI
Number and type of batteries 2x LR1
Battery status indication with LED