Alarmové čidlo FISHTRON ALF4

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The ALF4 alarm sensor, like our entire new range, has undergone many modifications and improvements compared to its older brother ALF3. You will enjoy even more reliable protection of your fishing spot.;

New features include the possibility of setting the acoustic and optical signaling directly on the sensor or only on the receiver.

Depending on the sensor's vibration setting, you can achieve a range of up to 7m, and the alarm has three settings. If you don't want the alarm to vibrate, simply turn the knob to disable this function. These newly adjustable three sensitivity combinations ensure quality protection for both the fishing spot and the boat or rod stand right on the water.

The battery life, when permanently switched on, is up to 800h or more depending on the quality of the batteries used.

Number and type of batteries 2x AAA
Compatibility RX MAX, RX MULTI, RX SIX, RX MINI, WRL1, WRL2, WRL3, HL346P
Optical signalization yes
Loudness settings yes
Range až 7m