628B Triac Controller

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Triac phase control 0 to 99 %. Suitable for inductive loads, controlling motors, lighting, heating, etc. More

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Single-phase asynchronous motors with a capacitor can't be controlled.

Power supply 230 V, current 6 A maximum (without cooler 2 A maximum), board dimensions 66 x 29 mm. Cooler for current higher than 2 A can be purchased. Figures 2 and 4 show a triac regulator fitted with a cooler A4463/07, and Figure 3 shows a board prepared for mounting on the cooler (the screw hole is enlarged and the triac is placed from the bottom side).

Electronic kit includes a complete set of components for 2A load option (i.e. with a small cooler, as shown in the first picture), printed circuit board and instructions, or other elements according to the specification.

A package of additional components for a more efficient option (6 A maximum) can be ordered  HERE.  Including cooler A4463/07, 8 metal spacers four of which have M3 threads from both sides, the other four with an inner M3 thread on one side and external M3 thread on the other side. Also 12 washers, 8 M3 pan-head screws, 4 M3 nuts.

Important safety information:

Design operating voltage is 230 V AC. The voltage is dangerous. The design may only be connected by a person with the relevant electrical qualifications (Reg. 50). Before connecting, avoid possible contact with components which are under voltage. The design before connecting and during operation must be placed in a plastic box for safety reasons. Any metal parts and screws must be galvanically isolated from the mains voltage. If you add other elements to the design, such as switches, connectors, wires, always choose with respect to operating voltage and current.