About Us

FLAJZAR s.r.o. focuses on the development of electronic equipment and devices with subsequent piece or serial production. In our range you can find FISHTRON fishing equipment, security equipment and electronic build kits and modules.

FISHTRON products are a guarantee of quality, innovative design, high durability and long service life.

We provide quality and fast service

We boast our own development and technical facilities with qualified experts. This enables us to guarantee high product reliability. It is very important for us to offer our customers a service, not just a deal.

As nothing is 100%, it may happen that one of our products does not behave as it should. In such an event, we are able to provide quality and fast service and resolve the entire situation promptly to the customer's satisfaction.

From development to production

We provide complete development and production of our own and bespoke products. This service, designed exclusively for companies, includes all the necessary steps – patent protection, project development, circuit design, component selection and import, PCB design, firmware and software development, 3D prototyping, injection moulding, mechanical parts and cables, and measurement at accredited test facilities.

  • We offer both piece and serial production
  • We take care of graphic design of packaging and presentation
  • We make videos and create product websites
  • Quality service of manufactured products