We want to offer you a service, not just a business.

We don´t want to be  BUY-SELL company.

FLAJZAR, s.r.o. is well-known for its independent development of electronic devices and equipment, followed by job or mass production. Besides the FISHTRON series of products for fishermen, such as electronic bite sounders, receivers and transmitters, sensors and other accessories, the company offers security technology elements, namely GSM communicators, or the production of electronic kits and modules.

Our products are highly valued by users and the quality of FISHTRON bite sounders is supported by the numerous awards from exhibitions and fairs. The FISHTRON products are a guarantee of quality, modern design, high durability and resistance for fishermen.

We are proud of our own development and technical support with highly qualified experts and also with the high reliability of our products. Although we emphasise quality and professional treatment, occasionally, something may happen whereby an item behaves a little differently than it should – and on these rare occasions we are prepared to solve the situation to your satisfaction thanks to our high-quality and fast servic

Our custom electronics can now be found with athletes as well as in medical devices, industrial plants, even state bodies and a number of smaller companies. Thanks to considerable knowledge in the field and monitoring modern trends in the microelectronics field, we are able to design and produce almost any product in the low voltage electronics field. Special focus has recently been on microprocessor applications, GSM technology, RF transmission, Ethernet applications and much more.

The big advantage of the company is our ability to respond quickly to market demands, the possibility of developing and producing virtually any product the customers may want within a few weeks and, of course, the quality and fast service.

The development and production of our own and custom products (service only available for companies) is provided in their entirety from a mere idea and ​​patent protection through a project, draft connection, selection and import of components, PCB design, firmware and software development, production of 3D prototypes, production of injection moulds, various mechanical parts and cables to measurements in accredited laboratories. We provide job and mass production, design packaging, presentation and even shoot videos and create product sites in our own graphic design studio. We also provide a quality service for our products.

We want to offer a service, not a mere trade. We carefully select the products offered to you and our dealers and technicians help you with the selection as well as in the case of problems.

The reliability of our products is extremely high because we have our own development and technical support with highly qualified experts.  But we won’t lie that our products never break down. However, we are prepared to resolve the situation to your satisfaction with our high-quality and fast service.