Fishtron NEON
an indicator that will enthuse you!

Everything in one transparent body with LED colours that shine like neon signs. The LEDs are placed on both sides of the indicator. They show bites, their velocity and direction of fishing line unwinding in an intuitive way.

Design and functionality that will enthuse you! An integrated transmitter of remote alarm with a coverage of up to some hundreds meters.

Two simple and easy-to-control regulatory elements allow you to set up all the needful parameters of the product, such as volume, sensitivity and tone height. Special are white position LEDs placed in the rear part of the indicator; these will light-up your fishing spot.

The integrated sensor of ambient illumination provides an intelligent regulation of brightness in accordance with light conditions.

A receiver of remote alarm allowing to receive signals from up to six devices is a novelty. It can assess the alarm coming from the ALF wireless sensors and allows to connect other FLAJZAR accessories.

Simple, easy-to-wear and with long effective life of the battery.


a bite indicator for everyone


Let us introduce a new and excellent bite indicator for every angler – our FISHTRON e1.

The bite indicator offers a multifunctional control very easy to use – simply and purely - no useless functions, no complex adjustment. A unique design and the FLAJZAR electronics with precise magnetic scanning of the fishing-line unwinding length guarantee the high-quality performance, resistance and long battery effective life.

The attractive and very well visible visual indication, consisting of a row of LEDs, indicates the bite reliably. It is completed with a remade acoustic indication containing a wide spectrum of tones.

FISHTRON e1 is made in all popular LED colours, i.e. blue, green, red, and yellow. Of course, a multifunctional connector to connect a swinger or a wireless transmitter has been included.

With its dimensions 99 x 48 x 31 mm, FISHTRON e1 bite indicator is one of the smallest devices of its type available on the market.


Bite indicators, series FISHTRON Q9


  • modern design with a rubber-coated body
  • MUTE function to switch-off all sounds in an easy way
  • optional remote listening-in receiver and transmitter
  • plenty of functions (regulation of sound volume, tone within a wide range, sensitivity, LED brightness; everything controlled by a microprocessor)
  • multifunctional visual indication
  • high-performance sound indication
  • two connectors to connect swinger and external transmitter
  • very long effective life of the battery
  • optional “TX” version with integrated high-performance remote listening-in transmitter

Bite indicators FISHTRON Q9 and Q9-TX

Bite indicators FISHTRON Q9 and Q9-TX excel not only in the number of modern functions but also in their precise design, attractiveness, and originality. You will pay an affordable price for a reliable product that will accompany you on your trips to water.

The unique multifunctional visual indication includes a string of LED lamps and informs the anglers not only about a bite but also about the adjustment of some functions. It is only natural that the LED memory function and the MUTE function are available. The latter one serves for silent adjustment of rods without disturbing sound of the indications.

The high-quality materials used guarantee the total mechanical resistance of the product. A rubber gasket is placed under all regulating elements, which provides the resistance to rain and fog.

The microprocessor with intelligent consumption control providing the long effective life of the battery is the heart of the indicator. Intuitive regulating elements offer the quick adjustment of the sensitivity, sound volume, and tone height.

Moreover, the Q9-TX indicators include an integrated high-performance wireless listening-in transmitter with the range of some hundreds meters, so they are able to transmit the fishing-line unwinding length to the Q-RX2 pocket receiver.


Remote listening-in receiver Q-RX2

The Q-RX2 receiver catches and displays a bite from up to four FISHTRON Q9-TX indicators or Q-TX2 micro transmitters. You can identify not only the bite but also the velocity and direction of fishing-line unwinding (parachute). The receiver indicates everything visually and with a different beep height (in accordance with the adjustment on the indicators).

Modern design with rubber-coated body guarantees high attractiveness of the product and fits your hand perfectly. You can wear it on your neck as well.

In addition, the Q-RX2 receiver includes three alarm channels, which are suitable for example to monitor your angling spot, boat, or car, when being connected to the Q-PIR2 alarm detection sensors.

Q-RX2 is supplied by an AAA battery cell (micro-pen), which helps save your money.

Especially at night, you will really appreciate the built-in LED lamp coming on automatically upon a bite.

The set of FISHTRON Q9-TX and the Q-RX2 receiver opens a new dimension in the equipment of a modern angler. The stress is put on perfect functionality and high performance.


an indicator with solar recharge


FISHTRON solar is a novelty in our series of bite indicators. It offers the same functions as Q9 does, but in addition, it includes an integrated Li-Ion battery that is recharged by means of a solar element placed on the rear side. In case of the lack of sunshine, the bite indicator can be charged by means of a USB cable.


We can offer you two types of solar indicators:

FISHTRON Solar and FISHTRON Solar TX - both types include the same functions, the TX model, however, involves also a high-performance transmitter for the remote listening-in device.

It cooperates with Q-RX2, a remote listening-in receiver, which reliably indicates the bite from up to four FISHTRON Solar TX indicators within a distance of more hundreds meters.



Micro TX Wireless Set

Have you already bought your favourite fish-bite indicators but the remote listening-in is still missing? In this case, you will appreciate this excellent series with miniature transmitters that can be connected to nearly each bite indicator available on the market.

It is enough just to connect the transmitter to the bite indicator by a connector – just to insert in – very simply! The Q-TX2 transmitters distinguish themselves with miniature dimensions (40 x 21 x 15 mm), low weight, and long range.

The transmitters cooperate with the modern Q-RX2 receiver, which reliably displays the bite from up to four rods within the distance of some hundreds meters.

The set is delivered in a small suitcase made from robust plastic material for easy and safe transport. You can design the set by yourself in a very simply way: according to the number of your bite indicators specify the number of the Q-TX2 transmitters included in the set. Add a Q-RX2 receiver.

If you order a set including one Q-RX2 receiver and two Q-TX2 transmitters, you will be given the suitcase free-of-charge.

Bezdrátová sada microTX

Q-TX2 – a remote listening-in micro-transmitter

A miniature separate transmitter that can be connected to almost each bite indicator available on the market.

Its excellent features are its small dimensions (40 x 21 x 15 mm), low weight, and long reach.

You can connect it to you bite indicator very simply by a standard connector.

It cooperates with our Q-RX2 new receiver, at which the bite from up to four rods within the reach of some hundreds meters is indicated.

You can design the micro TX set by yourself in a very simply way: according to the number of your bite indicators specify the number of the transmitters included in the set. Add a Q-RX2 receiver.

You will be given the suitcase free-of-charge when buying the set.

Micro vysílač dálkového příposlechu Q-TX2

Alarm for anglers - ALF


A new alarm motion PIR sensor designed especially to monitor your angling spot. Besides its excellent design and miniature dimensions, this alarm sensor is distinguished by modern unilateral motion detection (ALF-01), or unique bilateral motion detection (ALF-02) ensuring a wide angle of monitoring up to the distance of 8 meters.

Unique is also the wireless coverage of the integrated transmitter, which makes several hundreds meters. In addition to protection of your angling spots or rods, the device can be used to watch your boat, car, motorbike, or tent. .

The alarm sensor cooperates with the FLAJZAR receivers (Q-RX2, Q-RX), on which a warning alarm resounds and the corresponding LED comes on upon a motion has been detected.

The modern construction also ensures minimum power consumption and a very long effective life of the battery. More demanding anglers will certainly appreciate the water-resistant structure.


Alarmové čidlo Q-PIR2


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